Sibirien Stockholm is a Swedish fashion brand with a passion for high-quality craftsmanship. Daniel Ankarstrand started his journey in to the world of leather craft when he couldn't find the products he was looking for. So he thought, how hard could it be, and the obsession and love for the craft was born. After hundreds of hours of reading and studying every video the internet could offer of leather craftsmen to study their teknik. And most important the thousands and thousands of stitches he had to go through before he 2016 felt ready and took the step and founded Sibirien Stockholm. The brand stands out with its unusual sustainable leather and its modern design and colors.

Daniel Ankarstrand has a passion for carftsmanship and never lets a product slip by if its not perfect. He is faithful to the artisan spirit and is embraceing the time consuming process of a luxury product being made . A product from Sibirien Stockholm is made from sweat and tears and is a luxury product to be proud of.

The Name

Sibirien is a nickname that arose when the area was built in the late nineteenth century. It refers to it’s remote location of that time. It was in Sibirien that the brand was founded and it is where the ateljer is located today. The name of the brand is a declaration of love for this neighborhood. 


Something very important to Sibirien Stockholm is to be a sustainable brand. We only work with leather where we know where and how the leather is made. The Salmon leather is a byprodukt from the fish indystry. The leather is sourced from Salmon farms in the Nordic countries and tanned in Iceland.  Our chèvre leather and our lovely calf leather both comes from a family owned taneries in France. To have a personal contact is as important like the personal contact to our customers. And remember that salmon is not a substitute for other luxury matierials, salmon is MUCH more luxuroius AND exotic. It´s time to change that and Sibiren Stockholm is here to do just that.


For inquiries of bespoke products fyll I formuläret eller email contact@sibirienstockholm.com